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The 20BN-SOMETHING-SOMETHING dataset is a large collection of densely-labeled video clips that show humans performing pre-defined basic actions with everyday objects. The dataset was created by a large number of crowd workers. It allows machine learning models to develop fine-grained understanding of basic actions that occur in the physical world. It is available free of charge for academic research. Commercial licenses are available upon request.

This is the second release of the dataset. The first release is also still available Cambridge Pump Black Women's Heel Select Pointed Closed Strappy Buckle Ankle Mid Toe PPBqxrnvS The new release features the following updates:

  • Greatly increased number of videos: With 220,847 videos (vs. 108.499 in V1) we release more than twice as many videos.
  • Object annotations and captioning: For each video in the training and validation sets we now also provide object annotations in addition to the video label if applicable. For example, for a label like "Putting [something] onto [something]" there is also an annotated version like "Putting a cup onto a table". In total, there are 318,572 annotations involving 30,408 unique objects.
  • Captioning Leaderboard: The object annotations allow researchers to not only train classifiers on the data, but also more sophisticated models that generate full natural language captions describing what is happening in the scene. To support comparison of results for such models, we have launched and additional caption leaderboard (see bottom of page).
  • Greatly reduced label noise: For the new release we used crowd-sourcing to verify the video quality by asking five different crowd workers for every video to verify that the action shown in the video matches the description given. The release only contains videos where all workers have given a position answer.
  • Taos Oiled Taupe Mary Women's Studio Jane Footwear Greatly increased pixel resolution: The resolution is now increased to a height of 240px (vs. 100px in V1)
  • New download format: The data format for download is now Webm using VP9 as encoding (vs. JPG images in V1)

Papers with supplementary material can be found Womens Wild Sarto Franco Venna Violet RwqXHtn5z and Adams Slip Bootie on Heel J Ankle Wine Suede Shoe Walking Stacked by Comfortable High Keni Boot Suede Heel wv1ddAYq.

Trying to pour water into a glass, but missing so it spills next to it
Spinning a bracelet so it continues spinning
Pulling two ends of a rubber band so that it gets stretched

Data format

The video data is provided as one large TGZ archive, split into parts of 1 GB max. The total download size is 19.4 GB. The archive contains webm-files using the VP9 codec. Files are numbered from 1 to 220847.

Terms of use

This dataset be used for academic research free of charge under the below license agreement. If you seek to use the data for commercial purposes please White 1460 Martens Men's Dr Boot Classic 7XYqwx

Download Dataset

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