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Turn your FREE WiFi into another marketing tool

Social Powered Wi-Fi provides a Social login option when users connect in return you collect valuable marketing data which can be leveraged to create automatic promotions, help the business engage with their customers, improve customer retention, boost the business’s sales and streamline re-marketing efforts.

How it Works

Social WiFi provides a personalized and fully branded experience for your customers. Whether shopping, having a bite to eat, or meeting friends for drinks, social WiFi will attract new customers and provide them with an extra incentive to share with friends and stay at your business; while you collect valuable customer insight.

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Deep Customer Insight

Know who your most frequent customers are, from their age, gender, locations, WiFi usage and other analytics. Receive deep insight into your most valued customers with our easy to use Real-Time analytics software to re-market the right messages at the right moment and reel them back in to your business.

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Already Have Hardware?

No problem, if you already have all your networking equipment then you can easily connect our World Class, cloud based software with your existing infrastructure. Just in case you don’t have the established infrastructure? Use our enterprise networking units to get all your sports fans online quickly. No excuses, we will get all your fans connected to your stadium and ready to have a good time supporting their favorite team.

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Social Wi-Fi Campaigns

Just some of the ways to use the Social Wi-Fi experience.

Push Mobile Apps

Drive traffic to the App Store or Android Market to push downloads.

Mobile Video Ads

Engage Visitors With Video Pre- or Post-Login.


Redirect logged in users to any major review sites like Yelp to instantly leave a business review.

Mobile Contests And Lead Generation

Drive Wi-Fi traffic to mobile contests and lead generation campaigns on-location!

Customer Feedback And Surveys

Ask customer on-location for their feedback. Get instant results quickly, easily and securely!

Real-Time Engagement And Social Sharing

Boost your social presence, get more Facebook Likes and build engaging post-login experiences.

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